Director’s Reel
A collection of my work including shorts films and music videos featuring Guns of Navarone and Mother Falcon.

“The Rifle’s Spiral” by The Shins
Synopsis:  Trapped in a church, a young girl and her family must outlast the horde of zombies outside.
El Pollo Sangriento
Synopsis: “El Pollo Sangriento” follows a poor couple coping with disabled children. They long for a normal child but could not expect what happens when they finally get their dream.

Inspired by a short story by Horacio Quiroga
Grace Kelly Blues
Synopsis: Two unlikely acquaintances try to cheer each other up after a bad break up, only to fall even harder. Inspired by and adheres to (most of) the Dogme 95 rules established by Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg.

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