Daniel Fabelo is an aspiring writer/director and graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio-Television-Film. Daniel currently works as a an editor, Post-Supervisor and Content Creator Rooster Teeth in Austin, Texas working on various shows. His latest project is a half hour documentary about live video game performers called “Let’s Play Live”.
On set of Five Nights Immersion

On set of Five Nights Immersion

Although experienced in many facets of the filmmaking process, Daniel has worked on many projects in different areas: Assistant Director to Sean Gallagher on his feature, Good Night, Post-Production Assistant on the CW’s Melrose Place 2.0 in Los Angeles, and Editor at Rooster Teeth on shows like The Gauntlet and RWBY.

Daniel has also worked with local musicians such as Amanda Cevallos and Guns of Navarone and Mother Falconon promotional videos or music videos. As a director, Daniel hopes to find simple stories that challenge modern topics and themes amid classic genre backdrops.

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